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Battle Cleric Lore

Started by Sean Abel, July 10, 2014, 08:08:31 PM

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Sean Abel

This is fromJune 2011 Dragon #400

The option is to replace Healers Lore with Battle Cleric Lore any idea how to make this happen?

Wherever you go that's where you are!

Sean Abel

Okay so the way this could work is that it would act similar to Healer's Mercy which replaces turn undead and gives a scale armor proficiency to the player plus combat and def bonuses.
Now to just figure out how to add the pluses.

Benefit: You gain a +2 shield bonus to AC, and
you have proficiency with scale armor. In addition,
whenever you use a cleric healing power to allow a
target to spend a healing surge, that target gains a +2
bonus to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.
Wherever you go that's where you are!

Sean Abel

Okay so after digging a bit more I find that this is over my head.
Battle Cleric has option that replace either/both divine favor WITH Favor of the Gods and turn undead WITH Punish the Profane
All powers are in (as far as I have seen) so that is good. Then the Alternative Class feature Which replaces Healer's Lore (Battle Cleric's Lore)
If someone can point me in the right direction I can do this I am just not sure how to start and I do not want to mess up my HL 4E program  :o

Thanks eveyrone
Wherever you go that's where you are!


1. make a backup of the 4e data folder.  I typically browse to C:\ProgramData\HeroLab\Data   then right click on the 4e folder and choose sent to -> Compressed (.zip)

2. This makes the cleric sound like it has a lot in common with the Warlock... you might get some info there.

Sean Abel

This may be beyond my abilities to do. I will look into it further next week.
Wherever you go that's where you are!

Sean Abel

Okay as I look through the Techno babble of the program.... I feel like captain American listing to Tony Stark at the moment.

I think powers Favor of the gods (replacing divine fortune) and Punish the Profane (replacing turn undead) could work similar to the Paladins Voe powers (lay on hands ect
Wherever you go that's where you are!

Sean Abel

Okay I have made some progress at the cost of sleep!
I have the base information down, the class reads and can use cleric powers feats proficiency items ect. I have added (along with found some items not showing up).
Main issues that I need help to figure out:
1. how to make the pick happen for
   a. Battle Cleric Lore vs Healer Lore (and have Battle Cleric Lore show up on the print out/special tab)
   b. Favor of the Gods vs Divine fortune (same as Battle Cleric Lore)
> I have used this evalrule that worked for Punish the Profane but its not make the user pick between the two items and then locking out the other choice. Right now only Punish the Profane works correctly, the other two show up under class features but not in special tab or character sheet.
    <evalrule phase="Setup" priority="250" message="Class feature error" summary="Class feature error"><![CDATA[perform hero.child[pClrTurUnd].setfocus
call FeatureDis

~hide us if we're not selected
if (field[usrIsCheck].value = 0) then
  perform assign[Hide.Special]
for the other two I changed the [pClrTurUnd] to the title of the thing it is to replace: fClrHeaLor AND pClrDivFor but that has not worked.
Next I have Battle Cleric Lore adding the Scale mail prof for free (it auto adds right now but it should only happen if this option is picked)

I have attached the file that I have everything in
1. included are a Class file, a class feature file, and 4 power files (some updates to Divine Fav and Turn Undead which may not be needed once I figure out how to make this class fall in as a Templar and a HybCleric)

Please help me to finish this, my next steps until I hear from someone who understands this more than I do is to create the new powers (if they do not exist in HL)

Thank you all for your help,

Wherever you go that's where you are!

Sean Abel

Okay So I have made a bit more headway.
I have teh check box now in place and I have teh shield bonus working.
but the problem I have is the feature shows up and adds everything at the start, but what if someone does not pick it as an option?

AKA it does not turn on when checked and does not turn off if unchecked?

getting closer.
Wherever you go that's where you are!

Sean Abel

Updated Battle Cleric file for testing, only glitch is the Battle Cleric Lore auto add instead of add on check.
So the items that it adds scale mail feat and +2 to AC probably need some script that makes then only add if the feature is picked. But I am not sure on how to (at this point)

Wherever you go that's where you are!


Looking at the source material (Dragon 400), it looks like the Battle Cleric is not really its own class, but rather a series of unrelated options for the Basic Cleric class (or Templar (Cleric) if we want to use the slightly backward notation of HL). Battle Cleric Lore vs Healer's Lore, then Favor of the Gods vs Divine Fortune, and finally Punish the Profane vs Turn Undead. That last one has an additional twist in that there was a Healer's Mercy in Divine Power that could be substituted for Turn Undead as well.

What I've done is modified the base class to have a few drop downs to pick between the options (Lore, Favor/Fortune, then finally Punish/Turn/Mercy).

The biggest problem that we have, is the strange class feature error script that evaluates if it should be shown or not (the one you have included in this thread). Rather than use that for my fix in each power that might be replaced and also figure out how to fix it so it works with a drop down instead of a checkbox, I replaced them with a containerreq scripts which I know how to use. The issue is that they have to run later in the setup process (after 450) to work, but the compile process was failing to replace all of the powers that I had to modify before checking them against the timing, so it was telling me that the requirement script was too late (500) and came after the script in the power (250). To fix this I had to point the bootstrap process at the replacement power directly (pClrHeaMe) rather than the actual power it replaces (pClrHeaMer). This works fine, but will cause an issue if anyone tries to merge the fixes to the main data files without fixing the bootstrap process. Line 127 would need to be changed before transfer (or 124 if the comments are stripped out). Or just search for <bootstrap thing="pClrHeaMe"> and add the "r" onto the end of the power id.

Upside is that it now doesn't add the Scale armor feat, it just gives the proficiency. It also doesn't give that proficiency or the shield bonus unless Battle Lore is picked. Also it hides options that aren't available to a character due to source restrictions. It still shows the dropdown, but if you don't allow dragon magazine or Divine Power, you just get the one option. I don't know if I can work around that.

Could you check it and see if I missed anything? Clerics aren't really my cup of tea, so I don't know if anything is missing. Also be sure to move/delete the BattleCleric.user file or rename it something else (I named it BattleCleric.historical so I could keep it and steal your hard work without it loading into Hero Lab - the trick is not be a .user anymore). Also I gave the drop downs cute names, but if you think it should be something else, we can always change them.

Sean Abel

Looks great in the big download
Wherever you go that's where you are!

Sean Abel

Just to clarify this is in the 4e files update from this site and works fine in the hk system now.
Wherever you go that's where you are!

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