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Messages - nixxrite

Thanks for that Charlie.

I did do a fix for the half-orc feat Thirst for Battle some time back but our group swapped GM's and so we stopped using hero lab and started using DDI.

If I come across anything, I'll be sure to post it.
Appreciate it's been a while but found this thread and it appears this is the source for newer bug fixes. i followed the link to Codeplex but it went quiet there.  Is there an update on where the latest updates can be found?
Oddly, +4 Chainmail calculates correctly but +4 plate doesn't.

Iron Will only calculates at +1 for 22nd level characters and Epic Will does nothing. I've updated to the 2016 bug fix update but still have issues.

Came back to Hero Lab over the weekend having been away using DDI for a few years. Went in to update some of the current characters and I'm seeing issues with some items, the defence feats not calculating or the Essentials magic armour updates. E.G.

Iron Will still shows as +1 despite the character level being 22.
Epic Will is not adding to the Will defence at all

19th lvl plate armour grants +8 but should be +11 due to the level of the armour.

Belt of Vigor 22nd lvl only giving +1 to HS value

Am I missing recent updates? I did check the feat downloads and noticed some changes but the spacing in Epic will caused me some problems.

Herolab 4e Development / 4e Skins
March 19, 2015, 11:40:28 AM
Hi, I've not logged in for a while and was wondering if anyone had developed a Skin for 4e?

I did read the task was quite onerous on the LWD forums but I wondered if anything had been done from here as the blue/white is a little glaring?

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