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I suppose I'd say, because I don't see a use case for a temporary adjustment to HP that isn't THPs? I could be wrong, maybe it's in there somewhere, but this isn't like 3.x where you might take con damage or something. Seems like the HP adjustment would be pretty pointless, if  not used for temporary hit points.

I'd rather fix what I see as a problem with an existing trait. than make a new one. YMMV.

Missing Classes / Re: Vampire class
« on: February 26, 2017, 05:29:29 AM »
Further update - looks like I've run up against the same problems others might have. I'm having trouble bootstrapping stuff properly at paragon, and healing surges not using con is way more complicated than it seemed. I'll keep trying, but my workload has increased hugely since I started on it, so it's not likely I'll have much to report any time soon.

I don't have much of an opinion on version control software - I've used it a few times, but not so much that I have preferences. As long as it doesn't cost money, I'll use whatever I have to, in order to contribute :p

As far as hosting our own version control goes, I can install Subversion repositories on my server without needing to go through the effort. I've done it for gamedev in the past, and everything seemed to work fine. However, it would be up to users to choose/install their own SVN software, so definitely not the friendliest way to handle it. But if it would be helpful, the option is there.

Either way, getting more real updates out there - instead of just "replace thing with fixed thing" user files - would be great! Maybe with a basic style guide too? (I'm always worried that my fixes are somehow not living up to some standard or other - my ever-present impostor syndrome, I guess.)

Herolab 4e Bugs / Re: Missing Fighter?
« on: January 19, 2017, 08:36:57 PM »
I would like to point out to wizards how stupid that was... but of course they brought the fighter back with 5e.

That said, I've toyed with relabelling them back to what they used to be occasionally
I'd do it. Those silly renames cause way more trouble than they're worth. If they were consistent it'd be another story, but instead it's just a crapshoot.

Superb! Thank you Charlie :)

Missing Classes / Re: Vampire class
« on: January 18, 2017, 07:59:18 PM »
Update; yep, now I'm working on the vampire. Core implementation is almost done (it's functional, but there some weirdness in the scripting I'm looking to fix before I release it). Paragon and Epic tiers in progress. Drop me a line if you'd like the in-progress files.

Thanks for the reply. Me, I like to see my current hit point total reflect the maximum damage I can handle. Of course, they are still tracked "separately" in that I use the Derived Trait Adjustment to count down temp HPs, before rolling over into real damage.

I suppose using a counter would suffice (I didn't realise the counter was uncapped, which makes it all the more irritating that the DTA isn't!) but I'd really like to see it reflected in my HP total. To me that seems like the "proper" way.

For the last couple of days, I've been working on the vampire. It's almost done, but I'm having trouble with one class feature, which gives them a scaling bonus to damage with vampire class and vampire paragon path powers.

First - I've had to use a feat bonus - poking around a bit, it seems like there's no intended way to apply an untyped bonus? If anybody can provide insight into that (even just the valid name for a less common bonus type, since feat is pretty much the most likely to conflict with other stuff) that would be superb.

Second - The code below SEEMS to be working (for base class powers only, obv), but HeroLab reports it weirdly. Instead of reading like 1d8 + 5, power damage reads like 1d8  + 3 (Cha) +2. At level 5+, the damage breakdown line appears, and reads like Damage breakdown: +6 = Ability (+4), Hidden Might (+2).

The value IS right, but it's not being totalled up with the rest of the damage, which I thought it should be? It's not great what I'm used to seeing. I assume this means there's something wrong with my code, so if anybody can glance at it and tell me if there's something clearly wrong, I'd be very grateful.


Code: [Select]
      ~work out what our damage bonus should be
      var bonus as number
      if (hero.tagvalue[Level.?] >= 25) then
        bonus = (#attrbonus[attrCha] + 6)
      elseif (hero.tagvalue[Level.?] >= 15) then
        bonus = (#attrbonus[attrCha] + 4)
      elseif (hero.tagvalue[Level.?] >= 5) then
        bonus = (#attrbonus[attrCha] + 2)
        bonus = #attrbonus[attrCha]

      ~Add bonus to class powers
      foreach pick in hero from Power where "PowerClass.clsVampire"
        perform eachpick.field[pwDamFeat].modify[+,bonus,""]

Missing Classes / Re: Vampire class
« on: January 16, 2017, 02:39:13 AM »
Hey there! I'm not sure about existing work on the vampire, but I know that usually, implementing a class doesn't require you to work directly with XML. The editor included with HeroLab exposes most things in a semi-friendly GUI with basic text tags.

That doesn't necessarily mean you'll find it easy to work with, but if you're interested in learning to work with HL, the best way to start is to try the editor. Most folks would probably recommend you try creating something simple (like a feat) by using the "create from a copy" function and basing it on a similar feat.

The state of missing classes is mostly that their powers exist in the files, but the entity for the actual class is missing. Depending on the class, creating that entity might be fairly straightforward, or it might be very fiddly. But, if you find you can work okay with the editor, it's worth finding out :)

All that aside, I was actually thinking about implementing the Vampire myself (I've been working on a bunch of files lately). Right now it seems to be the only top-level class (not a variant or hybrid) that isn't available, so it's high on my list.

Hoping somebody with a more intimate knowledge of HL may know the answer to this -

For temporary/in-play adjustments to derived traits, the tracker seems to cap at +9. This is fine for most things, but like many players I use it to track temp HPs. I play a paladin, and pallies get Virtue - so this character gains ~35 temp HP at least once per fight.

Does anybody know a way to remove or increase the limit in question? I've tried, but beyond duplicating the Derived Trait adjustment and not seeing anything useful there, I can't even find the thing to edit.

Thanks for reading ^^

Herolab 4e Development / Re: Weapon Critical damage display
« on: December 01, 2016, 06:21:57 PM »
My group is irritated by this frequently. It seems the critical effect of a weapon is just listed as the property "crit bonus" in its summary, with no information about the damage dice or effects, which is pretty useless. Also confusing, since "high crit" IS an actually weapon property. The best we have worked out to do is that you can look up the enchantment, if you're using HeroLab in-game :\

Yes please, anything you can send my way would be much appreciated. It seems doable, but I have so little information that anything you can tell me would probably save me a lot of time - in research, if nothing else! Thanks :)

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