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General Discussion / Request Access to the CodePlex System
« on: March 03, 2017, 06:01:52 PM »
If you are logged into a CodePlex account, you can do basically anything over there other than edit documentation, change the maintained source code, or upload an updated game system file.

With a login you can create issues, comment on issues, upload files to issues, chat on the discussion board, download the source code, send merge requests, etc. Basically everything you can do over here, with no additional permission from me. Just a Microsoft or CodePlex account, and you are set.

If you want to maintain the documentation, you are free to "Join the Team" so to speak. If you are going to maintain the source code, you definitely should join.

Please respond to this post with your CodePlex account name if you want to be added in. Or you can send me a private message if you are shy about your CodePlex username getting tied to your CryptoKnight forum username, and I'll keep it a secret.

(I'm just a little nervous about letting anyone in to screw with my documentation - I can roll it back, but I'd rather not have to babysit that part of the project.)

Please let me know who you are if you are any of these people (if you are one of these, respond/PM here and I'll let you in):
  • imdeepakchaudhary
  • ironwood
  • LakshimiGP

I would like to propose that we move development/fixing these files to a proper version control system with real issue tracking and discussion possibilities.

It will make it easier to track issues people have and also to fix them - rather than bouncing through a forum. It would track progress on fixes and also have the ability to point to a released version that includes the fix.

The two ways to get this done are to use a system designed for code versioning or a project manager. A code versioning setup sometimes has issue tracking and discussion tacked on, but almost exclusively requires a tool to upload the files. I'm assuming there is a project manager out there that isn't catastrophically overbuilt for what we need, but the upside is that a good one will do file versioning with files that you can just upload using the web interface.

I'm currently playing with done setting up a CodePlex project https://hl4e.codeplex.com/ with a Git backend (a code versioning program with an almost ideal user interface). It's pretty easy, but not quite easy enough for me to acclaim it as the perfect setup. Downloading, issues, discussion, etc are all simple, but uploading code files requires the use of a Git control interface program and not all of the types of files are view-able (.dat files are just stored, you can't compare versions of them). Neither is the end of the world. Versioning in the fix requires a interface, but the ticket system allows files to be uploaded with comments, so as long as we have at least one person with an interface the code can be added, if not as rapidly as it being added when fixed. As far as the un-viewable file types goes, I'll probably push to add the .xml extensioin to all of the relevant files to make it easier to use, and wack together a (windows) script to trim it back off if someone wants to download the files without waiting for a release and doesn't want to manually remove the extra extension.

I've been looking around for a web host-able version that would allow for easy code commits, or even better, editing within the webpage itself, but mostly they want me to install them on a real server rather than just a hosting account. That's not a deal breaker - I'm the System Administrator for a few companies, so I have access to a half dozen fallow static IP address and old pieces of hardware that I can make into a physical server, I would just prefer not having to maintain the server myself, which is why I pay for web hosting in the first place.

Herolab 4e Development / Creation Tutorials
« on: February 26, 2016, 10:07:59 PM »
So little over a year ago I promised SAbel that I would make some tutorials for how to make new everything. I seem to remember that he wanted a Race tutorial to start, which is probably where I will begin, but after that I am open to what I make next. I am reasonably swamped with small children and work, but instead of designing 3d models for a printer I don't yet own I'll be spending my free time working on tutorials. Please let me know what people need from there.

Primarily I do my editing work from Notepad++ rather than in HeroLab, so that is what I'm going to focus on.

Released / Bards using Instruments/Song(blade/bow) as Implements
« on: August 18, 2014, 02:19:41 PM »
Collection of files that adds instrument as an implement and makes it so bards can use them (regular bard and hybrid bard). I didn't include Skald, as that's not a scraped class. Reasonably easy to fix if you are using a Skald with a .user setup. Just open it as a text file, and add
Code: [Select]
<tag group="ImplemType" tag="itInstru"/> under the wand one, and have the fixed Class.Bard.user file. I may also include Skald later, but I didn't want to co-opt other peoples' work too blithely.

Finally I also tagged all items that say that "Bards can use this item/weapon as an implement for..." with the instrument implement code, allowing bards to use them. Then I also repaired any item instruments to have all of the necessary damage/crit/etc stats so that they can all correctly be used by bards.

Released / Linguist Feat
« on: August 15, 2014, 07:16:25 PM »
Fixed Linguist, so now it gives +3 languages when you take it. It also stacks properly with Mark of Scribing (it is its own fix - http://hl4e.cryptoknight.org/index.php?topic=261.0). I didn't do any fixing to make sure that you could speak as well as read/write, so if you are using literacy costs extra, then it will not give you your feat's full value. I may be convinced to try to fix that too, but I'd have to hear someone complain first.

General Discussion / Special Movement
« on: August 15, 2014, 02:11:31 PM »
I looked up the character sheet code to see if there is an already built-in way to add text to the "Special Movement" field. There is not (see sheet_standard1.dat lines 626-632).

I could probably modify the sheet to pull from a series of special movement traits (charge and flying for certain, and any other special movements that may have specific modifiers, like running/swimming/burrowing?) and only display them if they have a modifier (+ or -, but not 0). This would allow for features and items that add to charge or flying speed to actually print that information on the sheet. Unfortunately, this would require modifying all of the character sheets (not so bad after the first one) as well as adding an additional set of traits to the core data files (thing_traits.dat) so that each item and feature can add or subtract from the special move trait (trFly, trCharge, etc). And then further modifying each item and feature that adds a special speed modifier to add it to the right trait.

Is this something that anyone cares about, or am I just fixating on a problem that everyone is perfectly happy to just fix by using a pencil?

Herolab 4e Development / Codeword Cheatsheet
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:11:51 PM »
Does anyone have a spreadsheet or anything with a list of code and what it does? As much fun as I'm having doing a search in the compendium to find something that has the right code, then finding that thing in the data files so that I can copy the line out, it would be so much easier if I just had a spreadsheet that tracked every sourcebook to its codename, or every weapon proficiency to its tag code.

Or does everyone mostly just use the editor? Does that have a lookup function? Should I end this post with another question?

Missing Classes / Berserker (Barbarian)
« on: August 06, 2014, 02:25:10 PM »
Barbarian sub-type Berserker doesn't exist. Berserker is the Striker/Defender type of Barbarian from "Heroes of the Feywild".

TL;DR: It works as far as I can tell, here it is: http://hl4e.cryptoknight.org/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=183

Herolab 4e Bugs / Background "Occupation - Thief"
« on: August 06, 2014, 02:11:03 PM »
This background, when selecting the class skill option  is instead of allowing the character to use one of its normal skill options to pick Thievery or Stealth (nominally not normally a class skill or you would pick something else), it instead just gives training in whichever skill is selected, leaving the character with an extra skill at the end.

It should instead either reduce the number of skill choices for the character and retain its current function (less ideal), or it should just add the choice as another possible check box on the skill page (better). Either would prevent picking too many skills, but the first option would be much less clear why they suddenly have one less skill to pick than the rules say they should.

Released / Songblades
« on: August 06, 2014, 02:00:47 PM »
Harmonic Songblade (and probably all other songblades) are not being added to the hit/damage of bard powers that have the Implement keyword. This may be related to the problem with Instruments not being recognized as Implements, but it could additionally be that Songblades are not being recognized as Instruments.

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