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Messages - Daphne

Theme Framework for HeroLab 5 / 4e 4.0 - .HL version;sa=view;down=168

Daphne Pfister's mod that enables Themes in Herolab 4e.

This is the .hl version that should be importable directly into hero lab.

( This is my first time bundling as an hl file, so hopefully I did it right. )
General Discussion / Re: Encounter powers
August 11, 2015, 08:54:19 PM
Quote from: SAbel on August 01, 2015, 05:30:25 PM
So under styles_output.aug lines 238-256 have the following

<!-- title & keyword text for encounter powers - red background -->

when in Sheet_pwercards.dat lines 276-286 may have something to do with color (which Daphne mentioned)

      ~otherwise, if this is an encounter or at-will power, change the style
      elseif (tagis[PowerUse.Encounter] <> 0) then
        perform portal[letter].setstyle[outTitleEn]
        perform portal[name].setstyle[outTitleEn]
        perform portal[keywords].setstyle[outKeyEn]
      elseif (tagis[PowerUse.AtWill] <> 0) then
        perform portal[letter].setstyle[outTitleAt]
        perform portal[name].setstyle[outTitleAt]
        perform portal[keywords].setstyle[outKeyAt]

WARNING don t mess with the (backcolor="600000")!
Something happened and it effect the Core so I am fixing that right now :)

I played arround earlier with removing some of the setstyle[outTitleAt] earlier, and it fixed the corresponding encounter power at the price of breaking the at-will coloring. Which is why I think it might be Hero Lab bug. I wonder if other work arounds could be tried, like making three different headers for the power cards, with the styles fixed and just hiding the ones that are not valid from the layout.
General Discussion / Re: Encounter powers
July 27, 2015, 08:57:48 PM
Quote from: SAbel on July 17, 2015, 10:50:25 PM
There has been a post about it on LW site just as an fyi. I have no idea how to fix this  does anyone else?

I would suggest taking a look at styles_output.aug, see outTitleAt vs outTitleEn in particular. And a sheet_powercards.dat ( lines 272 - 286 ) which has logic to set styles. I'm wondering if the perform portal[letter].setstyle[outTitleEn] is somehow preventing the other two setstyles in the block from running.

See also Dynamically Changing Styles

Edit: I almost think it might be a bug in hero lab itself.
Herolab 4e Bugs / Re: Theme bug
November 06, 2014, 02:03:22 AM
Theme feature is missed a test if it is activated before applying the modification. Should have something like:
doneif ( activated = 0 )
before the #traitmodify stuff.
I've uploaded a new version at the Hero Lab forums.
Note that Lone Wolf has a repository with the source code under the GPL v2 at:

My actually thought back when I was playing in 4E games was to write a brand new from scratch downloader and then just make sure that it's output works with the game definition files.

I've actually been running forked for a while, I have a few additional tweaks besides the theme ones that I apply to game files and use a post processor on output of the full discipline powers to get them to appear correctly.
Herolab 4e Development / My thoughts on the downloader
December 01, 2012, 11:49:08 AM
Just a set of thoughts on the downloader and ideas about guidelines we should probably follow for changing it.

The downloader is a bit of a grey area, so we probably should exercise the same choices made by wolflair. Low load downloads, using temporary storage for the downloaded files, &c.

What I would like to see changed to the downloader.

  • Store the id number ( and possibly type ) in a field for all the things. So Wizard would store the id 9.
  • Store the time the thing was last updated in a field in either a standardized forum or as seconds since the epoc.
  • The ability to merge information downloaded with previously generated ddi_*.dat files as well as the templates.
  • Fix handling prices for consumables.
  • Handle power attack changes at different tiers.
  • Description into scripts generation. TSR uses very specific wording for things, so it should be possible to pick up some key sentences and automatically use them to create scripts.
  • Handling linked/nested powers and full discipline powers better.
  • Partial download modes. Allow various partial download modes.

    • Everything - Download everything.
    • Add new mode - Just the indices, and then any item whose id is not already in the ddi_*.dat files. If the dat files do not yet exists this is identical to everything.
    • Spot check mode - Pick a few things at random from the current ddi_*.dat files with a slight preference to things with oldest update time. If changes are detected offer to download the rest of things.
    • Profile download - Give an por file or character builder exported character, only download and update the things used by the character.
    • Update old mode - Update things that are have not be updated over a month and download them.
    • Default - Combination of add new mode and spot check mode.

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